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Board of Trustees

Administers the CBC Pension Plan as trustees for the Plan Sponsor, the members, former members and any other persons entitled to pension benefits under the CBC Pension Plan. The Board of Trustees makes investment decisions for the pension fund as a whole and administers the payment of pension benefits as set out in the CBC Pension Plan text.

The Board is made up of seven Trustees representing both plan members and CBC/Radio-Canada. It also employs a professional staff (Management) and external specialists to manage the day-to-day operations of the pension fund.

Sandra Mason
Chair of the
Board of Trustees
and Director

Carol Najm
Vice-President and
Chief Financial Officer,

Marie-Andrée Charron
Employee representative

Marco Dubé
People and Culture,

Alain Pineau
Retiree representative

Calum McLeod
Employee representative

François Roy
Director of